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In Your Face

Face reading secrets for finding and developing new rewarding relationships

Here's a fast, easy, effective way to learn to read faces and make connections in today's impersonal world

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If you’re interested in reading faces so you can understand people in your personal and work life better...then use what you learn to connect with them faster and more deeply...learning The Face Frontiers Method of Face Reading is your best next step.

You'll find what you want in the book In Your Face--Face reading secrets for finding and developing new rewarding relationships.

Not only is it  one of the world's most highly-acclaimed books on reading faces, In Your Face has been completely updated for 2016.

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An easy-to-use, complete introduction to the “how’s and why’s” of face reading, In Your Face will teach you what many of our most important facial features mean and signify about us. 

It also teaches you how to use that information to your advantage in your new and existing relationships, both personal and professional.

In Your Face is jam-packed with information about our faces that you can start using immediately. You'll find descriptions of key facial features and their meanings, dozens of illustrations and lists of people you can study  online before trying out your face reading on your friends.

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What makes In Your Face special

  • You'll learn how to analyze 13 high-impact facial features and uncover dozens of personality traits
  • In Your Face teaches you how to spot people who want to be in charge, are determined, care only about themselves, are highly critical, compassionate, are nurturing, get very involved, stay very detached, are controlling and need to be in control, who's competitive, loves attention, needs physical connection, is a great listener, who's accomodating and much, much more
  • Provides many examples, including lists of people you can study online to optimize your learning
  • Includes how to spot compatible and incompatible people...learn who to seek out, who to avoid
  • Comes loaded with large, clear illustrations
  • Right now--Also comes with a FREE Bonus Companion Workbook to accelerate and help integrate your learning

What you'll learn how to do...

  • You can start “reading” people (including yourself) today
  • Uncover people’s deepest needs, drivers and motivators
  • Instantly know who they are and how they think, act and interact
  • Use this with anyone you want to understand better--romantic partners, clients, family, co-workers, bosses, even strangers to start, nurture and deepen your relationships
  • Get you know yourself--your innermost needs, drives, abilities, talents, and more--so you like and appreciate yourself much more and have more confidence

A completely updated, 239-page in-depth look at 13 of our most significant (and revealing) facial features...and comes with a just-published companion workbook

What readers and critics are saying about In Your Face

“Bill Cordingley wrote the book on faces."

The Minneapolis Star Tribune

“I highly recommend In Your Face to everyone who seeks to understand themselves and their world a little better. Bill Cordingley has come up with a doozy: face-reading. This is not the old science of phrenology, or reading bumps on a head, but a new sophisticated system of observing correlations between facial features and personality characteristics…. I recommend this book for the most interesting clues that it offers, about people, starting with their faces. All in all, I highly recommend In Your Face to everyone who seeks to understand themselves and their world a little better.”

Richard Bolles, New York Times Bestselling Author of What Color Is Your Parachute?

“This is a fascinating book. I am a professional skeptic, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Brooke Moore, Professor, California State University

“Here’s an interesting and fun book!  After I received it and read it, I found myself examining not only my face, but the facial features of those around me.  Did you ever think about the tight-lipped person, or the high forehead and that they may signify something about the personality of that person?

“It is an interesting approach to understanding people. Bill Cordingley is a marketing writer and consultant with degrees from Harvard and Columbia University and has practiced as well as taught face reading for over [forty] years.  In his book you will find much of the information he teaches to enable you to get a quick read on people.”


When you can read faces, you know who people are, what drives them, how they think and act

Then you can use your new insights to spot people you'd like to meet and then get to know them better

Use your new abilities on yourself, friends, dates, romantic partners, spouse, family members, bosses, coworkers, clients, prospects, neighbors and people you don't even know


This very special face reading system will enable you to...

  • Connect better with anyone you know or meet or work with
  • Communicate more easily with just about anyone by revealing how they think, feel, behave, and what their needs are
  • Feel more comfortable around other people because you know who they are
  • Feel a natural rapport with them that makes your connecting easier, and
  • Know yourself much better…so you appreciate yourself more

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